This poster commemorates the upcoming poetry book launch, "Femininity: Fearless. Fair. Fantastic.," co-authored by myself and another remarkable woman. The launch is scheduled for June at London Metropolitan University in London. It serves as a tribute to womanhood and the collaborative spirit behind the poetry project of the same name.

This poster commemorates Adelaide Joseph, a heroic figure in the anti-apartheid movement. I had the honour of contributing to her memorial at The Senate House in London on February 5, 2023, where her beloved daughter, Nadia Joseph presented my portrait in an exhibition dedicated to her. Using a blend of Riso printing and digital techniques along with analog illustration, I aimed to highlight significant details: the roses symbolize her close ties with Nelson Mandela and his wife Winnie, both of whom she supported during challenging times.
This theater poster is for the 2022 production of "John & Beatrice" by Carole Frechette, directed by Aydan Tair. It intricately delves into the play's complexity. Characters' silhouettes emerge from a misty backdrop, symbolizing their journey's ambiguity. The color palette shifts from deep blues to soft yellows, mirroring the encounter's turbulence. Typography serves as a visual storyteller, starkly cutting through the mist, enhancing the tension between clarity and obscurity.

In creating the symphonic concert poster, I aimed to blend autumn's evocative spirit with the music's resonance. Warm-colored leaves evoke seasonal nostalgia, mirroring the autumn foliage in a rich palette that aligns with the music's emotional cadence. The chosen elegant font complements classical notes, resonating with symphonic sophistication. The poster harmonizes autumn nostalgia with emotive music, subtly suggesting musicians through a violin silhouette, bringing the orchestra into focus.

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